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Meet the Owner

  Believe it or not, my name is not Gabriel. My name is Blake and I am the photographer started Gabriel's Loft Photography. I began my journey as a furniture designer for "Melrose Luxury Designs" back in 2017. While taking promo pictures for the company, I found myself falling in love with taking the pictures more than designing the furniture. The first picture I posted to my photography page I used a headboard in my loft designed by Melrose Luxury Designs called "Gabriel's Headboard." So when deciding on a name for my photography, "Gabriel's Loft" just spoke to me.

  My style of photography is hard to put in a box because it is forever evolving. My creative eye gravitates to whatever moves my heart at the moment. It ranges from catching candid moments in family portraits, to setting newspapers on fire in order to get the perfect shot. I pride myself and my brand in creating an environment for my clients to be excited, confident, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE.

I look forward to capturing your perfect portrait. 

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