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1. Consider Your Outfit.

Clothing represents who you are. That almost goes without saying. So you want to take the time, prior to the shoot, to put together several outfits which project the image you want captured forever. Choose several outfits because that way you can go casual, dressy, do a fun, goofy picture if that’s your thing, etc.

  • Make sure you consider accessories—any jewelry, for instance—shoes, ties, etc.

  • Pack the outfits the night before.

  • If this photo session involves multiple people, coordinating outfits is fine. Actually, it’s great! But that doesn’t mean you want to get all matchy-matchy. Rather, consider colors. If one person is wearing blue, for instance, someone else might wear a green that is a similar shade. 

Remember—the goal is for this picture to clearly represent you. So pick stuff that makes you feel good inside and out!


2. Hair and Makeup.

Let’s face it, photo shoots don’t come cheap. So you want to look great in them! Make the absolute most of your time by considering every detail of your appearance, including hair and makeup. 

If possible, get your hair and makeup done by professionals. That takes a ton of pressure off you and allows you to have that much more fun at your photo shoot. Pros know all the tricks of the trade to make sure you look incredible. Take advantage of their expertise!

Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a friend who excels at the kind of thing. If so, enlist his/her help!

At the very least, strongly consider having someone do your makeup since good (or bad!) makeup can make or break a photo shoot. Professional makeup artists know all about highlighting key features, minimizing flaws, contouring, etc.

Whether you do your hair and makeup yourself or have somebody else do it, the key is to think ahead so that day of the photo shoot, you know the plan and are stress-free.

3. Prop it up.

As part of your pre-shoot prep, think of special things you want included in your photographs. It could be books, awards, suitcases, a special Christmas ornament, sports equipment, flowers, a funky couch—you name it, the sky is the limit as long as you can transport it without undue hassle. Make sure the props are unique and represent the image you want to portray. You want them to enhance the photo shoot and make it that much more, rather than overwhelm it. If you have questions about what will and won’t work, talk to your photographer ahead of time. Make sure you have everything packed and ready to go the day before. 

We also have ALOT of props available here in the studio. Follow this link to view our list of available props


4. Get Creative.

While you may have certain ideas in mind for a photo shoot, absolutely do not be afraid to get a little creative. Think unique! You don’t have to do the standard dead-on pose. Lie down. Jump.  Sniff a flower. Use your location and props to their fullest to give you a truly extraordinary, one-of-a-kind photograph.

5. Research.

No, you do not want to copy somebody else’s special picture for your own photoshoot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas! Go looking online. Talk to friends. Look in magazines. Gather ideas that help enhance some of the looks and places you’re already considering. Put together a theme. Print it out or snap pictures of it with your phone and bring it to your photo shoot. The more you can give your photographer to work with, the better the whole outcome will be.

6. Timing matters.

Yes, you only have a limited amount of time for a session. So make sure you show up at the appointed time. Even if you’re just a few minutes late, you will be cutting into the total amount of time you have available for your shoot. Show up on time! You’re paying good money to have the best possible experience. Make the most of it from beginning to end.

7. Strike a pose.

Practice some poses beforehand. At the shoot, don’t worry, the photographer is there to help and guide you. But doing some research and practicing in the mirror ahead of time will put you ahead of the game. You want to feel comfortable. This is supposed to be fun!

If you’re ever feeling awkward or shy or unsure during the photo shoot, talk to the photographer. He or she will be glad to offer expert advice to make sure you come out looking great.


8. Most Importantly, BE YOU.

We’ve already said this several times, but it’s vital: be YOU  at the photo shoot. Let your personality shine through. The pictures need to capture you and not someone else’s idea of who you are. So relax at the photo shoot. Let go. Have fun! It does not need to be perfect in order to be perfect.  

The more you allow yourself to just have fun, the more that will be visible in the photographs.

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